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Bobby's Blend (Grief and Uplifting Blend) Essential Oil Blend

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This special blend I am sharing with you is all of my brother Bobby’s favorite essential oils.  We lost him July 23, 2018 way to early.  When I shared these oils with Bobby he never once questioned what I was up to.  I shared the magic contained within the bottles and he loved them just as much as me.  In sharing this blend at his celebration of life I am hoping that anyone needs cheering up or help in going through grief you will use Bobby’s Blend to get you through the tough moments.  Remember to always give hugs and don’t be stingy with I love you as you might not get another special moment.

Arborvitae assists those who have struggles in life.  Helps them trust in divine aid and helps one live peace.  Helps us feel the divinity all around us and find balance in our daily lives by releasing things we no longer need to possess.  

Frankincense helps connect the soul with its inner light and reveals your true self.  Helps remind you that you are loved and protected and helps you connect to your higher power.  

Helichrysum helps remove pain quickly and effortlessly.  Gives strength to the wounded soul by restoring confidence in life and yourself. Giving new hope for life and transformation. 

Lemongrass is a powerful cleanser of energy.  Helps dispel feelings of despair and enter a healing state.  Assists in moving forward onto a healing path. 

Wild Orange brings fun and joy into one’s life.  Helping you reconnect with your inner child and become creative again. 

Respiratory Blend addresses the inability to let go of grief and pain.  Helps release sadness and allow love and healing to begin.  Embracing life through your breath.

So please when you get a blend and remember all the good and hard times and if you see someone in need pass it along as Bobby would have.

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